2021 British Kart Championship – 26th & 27th June

Round Four of the Wera Tools British Kart Championship took place at Mansell Raceway on the weekend of the 26th and 27th June. Saturday was a dry and sunny day; in contrast Sunday started as a wet and windy day before the track started to dry midway through the day.

Mini Max Final

The Mini Max final saw 21 drivers competing for the win. Ethan Jeff-Hall held the lead for the race to finish in first. The fastest lap was held by Charman with a time of 48.48 seconds. Walker had an early incident where he came out of the kart but quickly jumped back into the kart and continued to race with a finishing position 19th.

Rotax 177 Final

The Rotax 177 race saw Tate gain two positions to finish in the lead, with Branfield and Easton closely following in second and third. Haworth had a strong race but with seven laps to go was involved in an incident with Chafer ending his race. Chafer was subsequently disqualified. The fastest lap was held by Branfield with 46.77 seconds.

Honda Cadet Final

The Honda Cadet final saw 33 drivers partake. The fastest lap was held by Cuthbert who gained seven positions to finish the race in third and also held the fastest lap at 54.74 seconds. Jungling gained five positions to finish in first; Graham gained two positions to finish in second. The biggest gainer in the race was Shenton who moved up nineteen positions to finish in fourteenth. Hastie also had a notable drive: gaining eighteen positions to finish in thirteenth.

KZ2 Final

The KZ2 final was won by Cannon who had a gap of six-tenths back to Longfield finishing in second. Third place was held by Turner with a gap of 2.43 seconds. Lang gained the most positions: six positions to finish in seventh. The fastest lap was held by Glenister at 40.71 seconds.

Junior Rotax Final

The Junior Rotax race was won by Walker who started in first position and finished in this place. With a gap of 1.21 seconds, WIlliams finished in second place having gained a mammoth ten positions. Clarke finished in third having gained eight positions. Bradbury had a notable drive having gained sixteen positions to finish in fifteenth; Bradbury also held the fastest lap of 46.73 seconds.

Senior Rotax Final

The Senior Rotax race was won by Gilbert who started and finished in first position: Gilbert also held the fastest lap of 45.49 seconds. Hunter finished in second and Edmunds in third. Butcher gained fifteen positions to finish in seventh. Holbrook also had a notable drive gaining seventeen positions to finish seventeenth.